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May 23, 2019 · Isuzu 6RB1 6RB1T Engine Specifications and Torque Values Page 5 of 6 Intake Valve Spring free length with type A pistons in Inches 2.62 Limit 2.44 Exhaust Valve Spring free length with type A ...

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Sep 04, 2005 · Water Pump to Block Bolts 22 Water Pump Pulley Bolts 19 Wheel Lug Nuts 103 Cam Cover Bolt 89 IN lbs Camshaft Bearing Cap Bolt 124 IN lbs Crankshaft Seal Housing to Block Bolts 97 IN lbs Front Cover Lower Bolt 89 IN lbs Fuel Line to Fuel Pressure Regulator Nut 133 IN lbs Oil Pan Bolts 80 IN lbs Oil Pump Cover Screws 97 IN lbs 98-01 Models

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Comet Pump Torque Specifications (Ft./Lbs.) Model Diaphragm Bolts Head Bolts Valve Caps Inlet Manifolds & Inlet Manifold Cover Discharge Manifolds, Brass or Aluminum Only Discharge Manifolds, Plastic Only Pulsation Dampener MC8/18 4 2.2 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A MC20/25 10 8 4 N/A N/A N/A 18 MP20/30/40 P48

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Part Tightened. N*m. kgf*cm. ft.*lbf. Main bearing cap x Cylinder block sub-assembly. 12 pointed head 1st. 61. 622. 45. 2nd. Turn 90° Turn 90° Turn 90° 12 mm head

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Water pump bolt/screw ..... 30 ft.-lbs. / 40 N·m Rocker arm bolt ..... 45 ft.-lbs. / 61 N·m Note: These torque values are in addition to those documented within the short block instructions.

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Fuel pump mounting bolt 10 1.0 7.0 TPS and STPS mounting screw 3.5 0.35 2.5 EXCVA mounting bolt 10 1.0 7.0 EXCVA pulley mounting bolt 5 0.5 3.5 ITEM N·m kgf-m lb-ft Impeller securing bolt 8 0.8 6.0 Water pump cover screw 5 0.5 3.5 Water pump mounting bolt 10 1.0 7.0 Cooling fan mounting bolt 8 0.8 6.0 ECT sensor 18 1.8 13.0 Thermostat cover ...

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1994 Camaro 5.7L 350Cid LT1 Torque Specifications (Rear Axle System Specific) Fastener Specifications: Torque/N.M: Torque/Ft.Lbs: Torque/ In. Lbs: Differential Bearing Cap Bolt/Screw: 75: 55: 660: Differential Drive pinion Gear Setting Gage Nut: 2.3: 1.7: 20: Differential Pinion Gear Shaft Lock Bolt/Screw: 36: 27: 324

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Apr 20, 2014 · There are probably torque specs. in the service manual, I have never used them, use blue locktite, and just tighten. As far as no shims, actually it's fairly rare to find shims on pumps, one my three ski's none of them have pump shims. You align the motor to the pump. Lou

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I was wondering if someone could sticky this? I've seen a lot of requests for torque specs lately and I think it could help everyone out. 2JZGE TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS TABLE Application Ft. Lbs. (N.m) A/C Compressor Bolt/Nut Bolt ...

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Torque Values (in INCH LBS) INCH LBS N-M Oil Pan to Block 88 10 Oil Screen Pick-up to Block 96 11 Oil Pump Cover to Timing Chain Cover 141 16 Water Pump to Timing Chain Cover 115 13 Valve Cover to Head 44 5 Flywheel Cover 48 6 Vacuum Harness to Throttle Body 35 4 Throttle valve cable to transmission 80 9 Torque converter cover to transmission 53 6

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Write-Up: 3rz Oil Pump Replacement This was the most in depth maintenance I have done to the front end besides a water pump on my old toyota pickup. I learned a lot but if you have done a water pump you can do this also as easily.
Jul 15, 2015 · The water pump is driven by the accessory belt on the Dodge Ram 5.7, 4.7, and 3.7 engines. The belt turns the water pump pulley that is bolted to the shaft, which connects to the impeller. As the engine rotates, the impeller turns at the same speed and creates enough centrifugal force to force coolant into the many passages of the engine.
Released in February 2003, the Toyota 120-Series Mark I (120-I) LandCruiser Prado was an eight-seat, four-wheel drive wagon. Manufactured in Japan, the Toyota 120-I LandCruiser Prado was available with three engines: a 2.7-litre four-cylinder petrol engine (3RZ-FE), a 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine (1GR-FE) and a 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine (1KZ-TE).
Where no torque value is given, the following settings should be used. The manual does not state what grade of bolt these generic torque specifications are for (e.g. 8.8 or 10.9), but it may be assumed that any "special" grade bolt would have its own torque specified.
I was wondering if someone might have the basic engine torque specs handy. I need specs for the intake/exhaust, valve cover, oil pan, water pump etc. It wouldnt hurt for me to recheck the torque of the mains and rods as well since the pan will be off and the head bolts too. If you have those specs handy it would help me a bunch.

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DO NOT put the thermostat on the new water pump until the water pump is already installed. The gasket didn’t stay like that for me as I put the water pump in. So just get the water pump there and then fit the gasket in, make sure you take your time and position the gasket good because if it doesn’t seal tight you’ll be going back in, then ...
Energize the pump and inspect the vacuum gauge. The pump will pull a vacuum against the closed valve or solid gasket. This reading is the equivalent to the pump’s lift capabilities. If a vacuum gauge calibrated in inches of mercury (Hg) is used, multiply that reading by 1.13 to convert to feet of water. The pump is making excessive noise.